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"Good music!
A Fun Workout!
It was perfect!"

"Body Hooping is fun!
Its a chance to get
goofy and active without feeling silly, because the group is doing it with you. I look
forward to learning more hoop dance moves. Please keep doing the classes!"
- Delia

"Hooping is a fun way
to exercise. Carol is
a very pleasant and
fun instructor."
- Marianne

"Exercise with no impact! Makes you feel like a kid again! Loved it! Carol is great! I never would have thought of using a weighted hula hoop for exercise. I didn't even know there was such a thing as a weighted hula hoop.
I am glad that I saw
the advertisement."


About Carol


Carol Becker of Fitness Hooping has Montpelier, Vermont, spinning it up hooping style ¨and she's in her 60's! Go Carol! WCAX caught Becker's enthusiasm in a recent television interview. A physical therapist by day and a hooper
by night, Carol teaches hooping and uses it as a low impact, full bodyworkout.

She's been working with hoops for the last six years, incorporating them into her work and group fitness classes and events around the New England area. Carol also crafts her own hoops of varying weights and sizes to match the experience of the hooper.

In her three years of making hoops she has sold hundreds, personalizing them with sparkle and glitz. Becker told WCAX that the bigger the hoop, the easier it is to hoop with, and that some people want a big hoop because it has a nice wonky feel around your body. As for hooping, she's clear about why she enjoys it so much, "It's fun, it's fitness!"

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"I believe that any fitness program will improve if it has an element of fun and challenge. In my years of practice, I have found hooping to be the best facilitator of these goals."

-Carol Becker, RPT
Fitness Hooping is available for...
Special Events, Group and Personal Instruction,
Corporate Parties and Fundraisers!
Hooping's Great Fun for Everyone!

Testimonials from
The Power of Positive Aging Symposium UVM

* Get Out the Hoop!!
* Carol is delightful and inspiring
* Excellent demonstration, explanation
* What a great ambassador for hooping
* Great presentation/very well done
* A new way to exercise - loved it!
* New to me, lots of fun, challenging, Carol is impressive
* Would love to have her come do a demonstration at our workplace
* Great energy, fun, inspirational
* Fabulous - Fantastic
* Very exciting and invigorating form of exercise
* This was awesome! Absolutely Awesome! I want to Hoop!

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